My Mexi brotha recommended dis dude, and played me some tracks. This was the second one, which I made him repeat a few times, it’s fuckin DOPE no other way to put it.


Your daily earful

There are definitely dry spells when it comes to scouring the interwebs for music, where you can’t seem to find anything exceptional not even from your usual go-to artists. Remarkably¬†I haven’t experienced one in maaaaaaaaad long. I hope none of you will either, at least not if I can help it ūüėČ

Que Tal?

I finally went on another music buying binge.The last time I purchased a bunch of tracks a friend was nice enough to compile them into a continuous mix for me. This time around though, with what i’ve learned so far, I think I can handle the mixing myself >:)

It’s interesting how messing around with the controller has demystified a lot of the elements of “DJing”yet in a really fascinating way. I’ve barely scratched the surface but it seems that the creative possibilities are endless, even for individuals that don’t produce their own music. I truly respect the craft so much more. I see it for its potential…which can be limitless in the able hands of a passionate musical connoisseur with a taste for improvisation.

I’ve managed to become even more enamored with beats than ever before. It’s really exciting!

I’ll hold off on sharing all the tracks I gorged on for now, but here’s a little taste:

Gábor Szabó (Gaga)

Gaga is the owner and curator of the Hungarian label Dark Face Recordings. Releases are true to the name: Dark. Yet like most (good) techno that veers into the minimal category, it’s richly complex and razor sharp. He’s a DJ himself and his fierce talent speaks for itself.

This set has teeth. It takes him less than 10 minutes to hit a strong stylish pace. Hook up some quality sound and go for the ride WOO HOOOOOO

He’s also reworked tracks in really interesting ways, check out what he did with my 3rd favorite Marley’s song “Rasta Love” and a track from the solid¬†Florian Gasperini:

JC for Fabric

The Italian stallion himself has cooked up a sexy ass mix for Fabric Records, the label run by the acclaimed London venue. The tracklist is serious, littered with bombs that Capriati knows how to skillfully finesse.


“I made a tracklist with various techno and tech house tastes, with some vocals and melodies included, like a journey at fabric, passing from room 1 to room 2 and going back to the room 1 for the last track, which is melodic and emotional, like if it was 9am and the club was going to close, and you will never forget that night.”

The release date is set for February 16th, but preorders can be made here. Preview some of the killer tracks he’s included below:

Gel Abril

Periodically I become ridiculously obsessed with a single set, breezing through countless listens without becoming bored of it, and really not leaving much room to hear anything else. It is, however, a rare occurrence as I can be pretty selective for a music whore. These sets just seem to imbeccably personify the sound that i’m feeling at the moment. The last time this happened was months ago with an old Bart Skils set. Most recently¬†Gel Abril blew my mind. His recent end of the year Beatport chart is just further indication of his unquestionable dopeness. They’re all bombs but some of my faves are below.

Sonus Festival 2015

The dates have been set for SONUS 2015. Croatia’s Zrce Beach will once again host the Time Warp sponsored techno festival August 16th-20th.

Early bird tickets are now on sale.

You can also register on their site to be in the know about exclusive announcements and be entered in their monthly ticket lottery.

Peep a few of my entries from Sonus: Day 1 Day 2Day 3Day 4 РPics

The Martinez Brothers

The boys from New York have been named Mixmag’s DJs of the Year.


I read a bit about the Boricua duo last year as I prepped for an interview with them during BPM (which their people cancelled the day of, much to my relief considering I was hungover as fuck and couldn’t even read the questions I had written down…i’m sure they must have been in the same condition.)

All the articles out there mention their youth (both in their early 20s) their background (the boogie-down Bronx) their vinyl-loving, house-crazy pops and their pseudo-mentors (fellow New Yorkers Dennis Ferrer and Eric Morillo).

But they were of particular interest to me because of their hip hop inclinations. Last year they released a free EP named after innovative counterculture artists Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat. It’s just as gritty, funky and swagger-laced as their usual techno fare, yet distinctly street: harkening back to the days of hip hop’s birth in their own backyard. (Check out the album below)

I find it interesting when artists mix styles with such fluidity. Steve and Chris also bring this vanguard spirit to their choice in gigs, mixing a soundtrack for Givenchy’s runway show and playing at the Museum of Natural History.

For all of this, and the assuredly dope shit to come, they’re well-deserving of Mixmag and the electronic community’s recognition. May they continue putting New York on the map in the freshest way possible.


Their Boiler Room set in Ibiza: