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There are definitely dry spells when it comes to scouring the interwebs for music, where you can’t seem to find anything exceptional not even from your usual go-to artists. Remarkably¬†I haven’t experienced one in maaaaaaaaad long. I hope none of you will either, at least not if I can help it ūüėČ


Que Tal?

I finally went on another music buying binge.The last time I purchased a bunch of tracks a friend was nice enough to compile them into a continuous mix for me. This time around though, with what i’ve learned so far, I think I can handle the mixing myself >:)

It’s interesting how messing around with the controller has demystified a lot of the elements of “DJing”yet in a really fascinating way. I’ve barely scratched the surface but it seems that the creative possibilities are endless, even for individuals that don’t produce their own music. I truly respect the craft so much more. I see it for its potential…which can be limitless in the able hands of a passionate musical connoisseur with a taste for improvisation.

I’ve managed to become even more enamored with beats than ever before. It’s really exciting!

I’ll hold off on sharing all the tracks I gorged on for now, but here’s a little taste:

JC for Fabric

The Italian stallion himself has cooked up a sexy ass mix for Fabric Records, the label run by the acclaimed London venue. The tracklist is serious, littered with bombs that Capriati knows how to skillfully finesse.


“I made a tracklist with various techno and tech house tastes, with some vocals and melodies included, like a journey at fabric, passing from room 1 to room 2 and going back to the room 1 for the last track, which is melodic and emotional, like if it was 9am and the club was going to close, and you will never forget that night.”

The release date is set for February 16th, but preorders can be made here. Preview some of the killer tracks he’s included below:

Everytime I stare into your eyes….

Pulse Radio has just released its Top 50 Tracks of 2014

This is a fucking phenomenal list, and a beautiful little reminiscence of an incredible music-filled year.

Find a few of my faves below, although¬†I never really liked #13 Patrick Topping’s ubiquitous “Forget” it must be an Ibiza thing….

It¬†really is a¬†shame about #4: √āme’s remix of Dan Groll’s¬†“From Nowhere.” As the accompanying description states it seems it’s never going to be released, and has been strictly policed online by the copyright trolls. I heard Dixon roll this out at Sonus to amazing¬†effect, hopefully it finds its way out of that handful of select dancefloors its been gracing.


Set of the dayyyyy goes to Gel Abril. Most Israeli DJs I know either blast mind-fucking psytrance or subdued deep house. But Gel brings a tight rolling groove for this appearance at Club4 in Barcelona that will undoubtedly mesmerize dat booty.

You can find the full 3 hours over at his soundcloud-> AQUI

Comenzó La Fiesta

Christmas came early as hell ya’ll.¬†The BPM Festival has begun posting its events. Which admittedly fills me with premature melancholy, as it’s impending¬†arrival means an equally swift ending.

But¬†for now, let’s bask in the excitement¬†of what’s to come!¬†It looks like BPM is mixing things up. The Cadenza party is in a completely different venue and is also during the day. Which is robbing us of the Luciano sunrise that year after year remains the spine-tingling climax of the week. I really do think he’s going to play a closing somewhere secret and magical. The Ushua√Įa Ibiza staple ANTS, will bring its party to Blue Parrot on the first weekend. Pleasurekraft was given a night slot, hopefully¬†i’ll finally get to catch them.

For venues, it’s a relief to see La Santanera back in action this year with a DJ set by Rudimental on the 11th. Canibal Royal is hosting Solomun and Ame. Although it is a bit further north it’s a lovely venue. Steve Lawler and Jamie Jones are playing at Blue Venado, which is also a trek to get to but is one of the most beautiful spaces in Playa.

Check out the details below:









Finally found these 2 tracks that have been killin me for awhile now.¬†And it’s no wonder they’re so dope considering they’re from my lovas Pleasurekraft and the papi Beyer. The first¬†is¬†a fave of Capriati, but I heard it¬†played a few times at Time Warp this weekend as well. Press play and relive it! You know you want to…


And also dis one:

“Berlin‚Äôs tradition is still to party in the ruins: dark, unglamorous, driven.”

Berghain in Berlin

Berghain in Berlin

I’m dying to go to Berlin. I’ve heard myriad stories¬†about how¬†fuckin cool it is, but I’ve also met reeeeally dope people (and DJs) that hail from Germany’s largest city. It seems they intimately understand the key elements involved in maintaining an authentic underground; from¬†marathon¬†dance parties to¬†encouraging sexual inhibition.

Adding to its counterculture quality is the fact that many venues¬†occupy what were once¬†abandoned “cavernous spaces” from swimming pools¬†to repair shops. Curfews are virtually nonexistent, meaning DJs play for hours on end with club-goers raging well into broad daylight. They party fully in the moment free from the imposing, voyeuristic¬†lenses of cell phones, cameras and even their own reflections. In the legendary Berghain “there are no mirrors anywhere, no lingering evidence; anything goes except photography, which is so strictly prohibited that doormen paste stickers over cellphone cameras.” Doormen mercifully sift out the ill-informed, turning away¬†flashy spenders and¬†girls wearing high-heels: ill-prepared to groove. If this wasn’t proof enough that Berlin is a dance culture¬†utopia,¬†the city¬†has successfully avoided the commercial,¬†big room,¬†pop house¬†that has saturated other parts of the world. Techno and house have held “the music of globe-hopping arena D.J.s” at bay.

Graffiti in Brooklyn

Graffiti in Brooklyn

With the¬†underground buzz that has recently ignited in the States, I believe that Brooklyn is ripe to become a mini-Berlin.¬†With its open-minded vibe, the coalescence of eclectic sensibilities, the graffiti, the diversity and a vibrant nightlife that revolves around all genres of music.¬†¬†No other sprawling neighborhood in the U.S. can ever match the gritty, street-smart, hustlin’ mentality of BK. Miami is¬†superficial, ruled by egotistical airheads with disposable incomes,¬†Cali is too slow-paced, and Detroit and Chicago¬†are just too far out to be frequent stops on any DJ’s touring circuit.

I’m so in love with Crooklyn, I’ve lived such amazing moments in its dark little corners and can’t wait to live many many more, at least until I make my way over to Berlin…

Last October before 5pointz was no more :(

Last October in BK before 5pointz was no more ūüė¶

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