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A true throwback…


Richie Hawtin actin diva-esque

So what was all this about?

Apparently Hawtin felt some kind of way about this girl filming him with her phone. Granted she was going at it for awhile and it did appear mildly annoying to the DJ, but he should know by now that really that’s all being backstage is good for. What’s the point of frontin’ like you’re cool if you don’t have pics and videos proving you were up the DJ’s ass? Us plebeians on the dancefloor are way too busy workin’ it to stand gawking through our phones for 20 minutes.

10394038_1008603589155633_6978739217211077843_nIt honestly doesn’t bother me if people want to film shows. I myself can never stand still longer than 30 seconds, so I barely manage to take one or two short clips a night. But I do appreciate that I can relieve the moments on Youtube thanks to fans putting up quality videos. HOWEVER, keep your fucking flash off. Two different fools had their flash on full blast in everyone’s face for a pretty long stretch of time. Don’t be that asshole.

As far as Hawtin goes I think this was excessive and pretty douchey. You could tell he was on a power trip. It could have been easily handled by telling your crew to kick her off the stage.

Speaking of backstage squads, Martinez Bros roll DEEP. We were laughing like: “that’s abuelito and abuelita, tio, tia, cuz, my homie from around tha way…”

They were phenomenal. I usually hate on them because I find them monotonous sometimes, but they were live as hell reppin like the kings of New York.



I also thought Pan-Pot and Josh Wink were solid breakouts. I only caught a bit of Dubfire but he was too ambient and chill for my mood at the time. Capriati was brilliant as always and Luciano was a truly inspired choice for closing Friday night. Mad people were disagreeing with me, but i’ve always thought (and my opinion is only further solidifying) that he is better than Hawtin. And he would never do such a douchey thing like push a monitor onto a female.

Check him out below. In this clip he plays his track Rise of an Angel. What an amazing moment! It brought me back to the first time he ever blew my mind, closing with it 2 years ago in Mexico.

Time Warp US Announcement


Christmas came early ya’ll. Time Warp has released a few more names for its New York event. Luciano, Joseph Capriati, Josh Wink and The Martinez Bros make the list. But one of the more interesting additions is the stateside debut of Dubfire’s live Hybrid show. Sure to provide attendees a unique experience through the manipulation of visual mediums including lighting, 2D and 3D animation. His experiment premiered at this years Amsterdam Dance Event, where he brought along new wave producer Adrian Sherwood, Carlo Lio, Dadub and Modular Pursuits. Speaking to DJMag, Dubfire describes it as “a fully synthetic and rendered futuristic landscape.”

Peep a recent video below from Bonusz Festival in Budapest, you can bet your ass it’s going to be wiiiiiild.

Set of tha dayyyy

Catch the video over at Dance Trippin TV, because who doesn’t love seeing Luciano shake his little DJ booty? Slaaaaaave to the fuckin beat baby.

And because it’s Thursday some throwback pics from him at The BPM Festival 2013, when he played a marathon set, read about it here.

He played until close at 8am.

He played until close at 8am.

and then again from 8am to 2pm

and then again from 8am to 2pm

Luciano at Space Ibiza New York

The misty view from Space's roof Sunday morning.

The misty view from Space’s roof Sunday morning.

My first foray into Space NYC as a clubgoer was tumultuous and disappointing to say the least. I arrived at around 3:30am with tickets in hand only to be received by rude staff shouting at the small crowd that formed in front of the club: “The doors are CLOSED clear the streets! NO ONE IS GETTING IN.”
Now Space had been pushing all week to get individuals to buy tickets, even making it a point to say: “tickets guarantee entry.” Apparently this was bullshit, as bouncers were overheard telling people: tough shit you’re not getting in, call the ticket company and get your money back. There was no time limit for the tickets to be valid indicated on them (as there is for Club Space in Miami). The price even went as high as $80 for a presale ticket. Now I understand it is a new club still working out the kinks and it is very likely they reached capacity early on in the night. But they were a complete mess and totally confused as to how to run a door. They should have had a general admission and a ticket line running the entire span of the night. If people want to wait hours until it was safe to allow more groups in then that is their own choice. They should not be obnoxiously yelled at to clear the streets and even shoved into cabs. One bouncer pushed a girl into a waiting taxi: “This is the Westside highway KEEP IT MOVING.”
I had the hunch that eventually they would “reopen” the doors especially because a lot of people were leaving. In New York, most clubgoers that are not true music lovers vacate around 4am, leaving us dancefloor warriors to our own devices. After about 15/20 minutes and hearing the door staff arguing: “Should we just make a general admission line and a ticket line” “We need a scanner, do we have one?” the bouncers finally let ticket holders in and proclaimed that general admission was a steep $100. The club was nowhere near capacity, but this was obviously a good thing as there was plenty of space to post up. Luciano was rolling out his signature dopeness with that amazing energy he always brings. Unfortunately it was evident that the crowd wasn’t there to hear him. They seemed oblivious, standing around at awkward angles looking like lost zombies trying to make sense of their environment. Luciano would clap and try to elevate the energy and maybe about 5% of people actually responded accordingly.
I’m not sure if it was the lethargic audience or if this was the plan all along, but Argy came on at around 6:00am and I assume closed out the party; despite the advertising that Luciano was playing an “extended set” until supposedly 8:00am. As far as the layout goes, it is always a plus when the VIP section is removed from the dancefloor, but the rooftop left a lot to be desired. I’m hoping it is still under construction as it is incredibly small; the bathrooms are larger.

Overall, the night made me truly respect clubs like Output, Verboten and Cielo, which place such importance in the communion of music that it infuses everything from their door policies to the atmosphere. The experiences in those venues so rich and genuine. Consequently i’m really going to have to think long and hard about the next artist I go to see at Space Ibiza New York, and you should too.

Throwback to SONUS

Zrce Beach is quite the playground. I hope one day you make it over to the country Richie Hawtin thinks is the new “techno tourist” destination.
Here he discusses his closing set:

The Sonus Festival, it’s incredibly curated line-up of top electronic talent & world class production (thanks to being co-produced by Germany’s own & legendary Cosmopop & Time Warp team) was a lightning rod of the energy and happiness that can be created when you combine 10660182_10152201560472693_5401584597787609787_n great open-air venues, cool people and amazing music. With the honour of closing the festivals main stage after five steaming nights (and days) of music, I tried my best to bring everything to a close in the most beautiful way. Fuelled by the madness & energy before me (WHAT A CROWD!!!!), we pushed through the extra hour the major of the city had given us and celebrated the final moments of the event with another beautiful Croatian sunrise together!


Luciano the maverick

Luciano the maverick

Loco Dice sunrise.

Loco Dice sunrise.


Photos by Goran Peresin.

Sonus Day 4 Part II

The second half of day 4 was closed with what I consider the absolute best set of the entire week, Richie Hawtin be damned…the true honor goes to LUCIANO. There exists a strong consensus among those of us who have seen him on just how undeniable his talent is. Indeed it is essential to be one of those lucky individuals to have seen him live to be able to even comment on the caliber of his artistry. Simply hearing his sets or an odd track will never convey how fully he envelops you in the passion that emanates from the depths of his soul. He doesn’t play anything particularly cerebral or complex; he is just pure fun, always lively and completely intoxicating. The first time I saw Luciano in 2011 his relatively empty tent was an oasis at Electric Zoo, a frenetic EDM festival in New York City. This introduction was enough for me to seek him out at The BPM Festival two years later, where he curated one of the greatest 10 hours of my entire life. Sorry you missed it.

When Luciano is playing...refer to shirt!

When Luciano is playing…refer to shirt!

At Sonus, the Cadenza showcase was scheduled the same night as Seth Troxler and Ricardo Villalobos, both DJs that come highly recommended both for their talent and their eccentric drug-fueld antics. I tend to prioritize artists that I’ve never seen before so I made it a point to be at Aquarius beach club for the start of Seth. Thankfully he wasn’t on my vibe and made it easy to beeline to Luciano. As is his style, the sexy Swiss bumped dirty and tropical from start to finish. Not one single person in that entire venue was standing still, not even for a minute. Everyone was grooving and whooping and jumping and completely enraptured. I managed to record a few videos, but this was one of those times where I just couldn’t be bothered to pull my elated attention away from the present beats. In the second video you can hear a track he played near the end that I’ve become obsessed with, yet don’t know the name of. Once I discover what it is I’ll be sure to post it. I think it perfectly captures Luciano’s essence. I hope one day you will be in the crowd when he’s pumping out the dopeness, sweat dripping from his furrowed brow, a cigarette between his lips and his hand circling above him, directing the crowd like a conductor in front of an orchestra.

Sabor Tropical

Despite his inordinately high ticket prices, I will always have a soft spot for the Swiss-Chilean Luciano. I saw him in Playa del Carmen, Mexico in 2013 where he showcased his fluid, tropical style well past sunrise. When the music stopped at 8am everyone wandered out onto the streets, bewildered and desirous of more beats. People started to funnel into the beach club next door where we made our way to the top: a small floor, open to the elements. Music starts playing; it’s Luciano, a cigarette dangling from his mouth, sweat dripping from his brow, emanating intensity and vigor, ready to go for another 6 hours. Which he did.

Clip of the first half of his marathon that night/day. So GOOD.

In this recent set from Awakenings Festival in Holland the percussive elements are delicious, although it does take him about 20 minutes to warm-up and find a more energetic pace and make quicker changes.