Seeing as how I am in the homeland and there are so very few paisa DJs, the set of the day goes to the holmes Betoko. He’s on the deeper side more befitting chill after-hours grooves similar to Sasha who closes out the 2 hour set. Admittedly it’s not a style I usually go for, but sometimes when the mind and body are weary from the more energetic fare, it can be quite soothing. Not to mention perfect background tunes while having epistemological convos on the comedown.




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Do you part ya’ll:

Grooves for my people

Not sure where New York-based producer Keith John has been hiding considering he’s played all over my techno stomping grounds: Cielo, Sankeys, Sullivan Room, Marquee and SRB’s (is that still around?). He plays with confident tenacity on this set aptly titled: Somewhere in Brooklyn. Wherever the fuck in BK that is…take me there now now now!

“You need to feel exposed, otherwise what’s the point of living?”

It’s no secret that I’m a complete electronic music junkie. It adds such a vibrant dimension to my life. The fact is that with a DJ, at least the talented ones, the ones that have depth and play with passion and complexity; it’s not about just sitting there listening to the tracks. It is essential to see them in person, to be a part of the experience of this individual performing on the spot in a completely organic way. It’s something that I’m very drawn to. You go see a rock band or Beyonce for instance, you know their music and all of their songs. You can sing a long and you pretty much know what to expect and what you’re going to hear. With DJs they operate under this very broad scope of a genre, of their “sound” and there are truly no restrictions that are placed on them in this regard. They can draw from vast, eclectic sources of inspiration to manipulate, compliment or contrast different sounds and feelings, creating something completely new and different right on the spot.

The feedback loop in action at Enter Ibiza

The feedback loop in action at Enter Ibiza

There’s this wonderful element of spontaneity that means that in any given night the mood can flow from colorful and expressive, to forceful and aggressive or even reach this culmination of transcendent emotion. As an individual in the crowd, as a person listening to this happening, you are in this amazingly privileged position to contribute. You are changing the direction of the experience. This feedback loop of energy and creativity constantly flowing and evolving between you and the artist. As Dubfire puts it:

Those moments that happen…at given times within your set where a certain track that you’re playing or a group of tracks, or when you’re flowing they just really connect and resonate with the crowd. You can kind of feel a reciprocated energy and response.”

And because of this, this one night you went to see this DJ can never again repeat. It existed in that moment for that span of time that you were in each other’s presence. Incidentally every time you go to see this individual it’s different. And that is what makes it so great and stimulating, intriguing, moving and fun. It’s a beautiful thing, that I don’t see fading out of my life at any point in time.

So the point of waxing poetic about disc jockeys and their craft is to introduce these sweet ass videos from DJ Tech Tools. While Loco Dice demonstrates the equipment and techniques he uses when he plays “like a crazy mad professor,” Dubfire describes the metaphysical domain of the art. These videos really help to show how DJing can be such a dynamic, robust thing: very much taking place in the moment. Indeed even the artists themselves are drawn to the singular exchanges that occur between artist and music-lover.

“When you’re in perfect sync and synergy with the crowd it’s a great place to be, to exist in, those moments are like a drug, they can make you feel really intoxicated.”

How I Play: Dubfire

How I Play: Loco Dice

DJ Awards 2014 Winners

Big boss Carl Cox won in both categories he was nominated in: Techno and International DJ.
Luciano won best tech house DJ for the 2nd year in a row, get it papi!
Hardwell also pulled a twofer in the Electro House category with Jamie Jones winning Deep House.
Patrick Topping was given two awards: Best Newcomer and Track of the Year for “Forget” received the Media award, well-deserved as they do the techno lord’s work by streaming stellar events all year, making them accessible to all.
Dixon’s Innervisions won best Record Label and Creamfields UK received the honor of best festival.
By far my favorite winner was Croatia for receiving Dance Nation of the Year. I’m hoping Mexico will be in the running next year as it is also becoming a formidable destination for music-lovers the world over.