Gábor Szabó (Gaga)

Gaga is the owner and curator of the Hungarian label Dark Face Recordings. Releases are true to the name: Dark. Yet like most (good) techno that veers into the minimal category, it’s richly complex and razor sharp. He’s a DJ himself and his fierce talent speaks for itself.

This set has teeth. It takes him less than 10 minutes to hit a strong stylish pace. Hook up some quality sound and go for the ride WOO HOOOOOO

He’s also reworked tracks in really interesting ways, check out what he did with my 3rd favorite Marley’s song “Rasta Love” and a track from the solid Florian Gasperini:


JC for Fabric

The Italian stallion himself has cooked up a sexy ass mix for Fabric Records, the label run by the acclaimed London venue. The tracklist is serious, littered with bombs that Capriati knows how to skillfully finesse.


“I made a tracklist with various techno and tech house tastes, with some vocals and melodies included, like a journey at fabric, passing from room 1 to room 2 and going back to the room 1 for the last track, which is melodic and emotional, like if it was 9am and the club was going to close, and you will never forget that night.”

The release date is set for February 16th, but preorders can be made here. Preview some of the killer tracks he’s included below:

Nic Fanciulli


“I think the key to staying relevant is staying true to what you do. People who try to go into different genres because they are fashionable at one time tend to disappear. If you go down one route too much you are leading yourself up to a dead end. The artists that I looked at when I was younger, people like Laurent Garnier, Francois K. These people have such an open mind about music that they are still around now because they didn’t stick to one particular genre. There were not pigeon-holed; they weren’t conforming to what was relevant at the time. They were just doing their thing. It’s best to just stick to your guns and get on with it, and when the time is right, you’ll get your break. I know it sounds hard, but it’s patience.” -Nic Fanciulli for Defected

I saw dis dude a few years back at the now defunct District 36 in the city. I haven’t caught him since, but that night was enough to positively cement him in my musical consciousness. Below find his guest appearance on The BPM Festival’s podcast. He will play twice at the event in January. The first is “La Familia” a continuation of his and Joris Voorn’s Ushuaia residency this summer in Ibiza. The second is a showcase for Saved, the label he heads with his brother Mark Fanciulli. After Mexico he will close out his tour of South America in Brazil.


It seems errrybody is trying to quantify and analyze DJs nowadays. Dancing Astronaut is the latest with this list of the Top 25 Underground Artists of 2014 (of course using the term loosely, considering some/most of these dudes are massively successful)

Incidentally, this is by far my favorite list of the year forgetting that it excludes Joseph Capriati, who has been blazin the underground HARD, and only included one woman (in my opinion the default female). But this is part of a larger problem of inclusion that can’t possibly be solved from one list alone. Although frankly which group is considered more underground than women DJs? Us as consumers and music fans need to push for balance in this area.

But I digress, I do really like this list. Dixon is thankfully not in the top spot. We got Hawtin taking the helm. He’s had his missteps but he gets props for making truly interesting choices in his work and heading a label with stellar talent.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 2.48.26 PM

The rest are incredibly solid and consistent; their talent honed from dominating dance floors, some for decades. Obviously #6 is my papito for life (for good reason mind you) but it’s great to see Pleasurekraft get some love. I’ve always found them incredibly intriguing. Their sound is ever-evolving and always fresh. Make sure you peruse the entire list, like I said it’s a good one 😉


Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 2.51.09 PM




Gel Abril

Periodically I become ridiculously obsessed with a single set, breezing through countless listens without becoming bored of it, and really not leaving much room to hear anything else. It is, however, a rare occurrence as I can be pretty selective for a music whore. These sets just seem to imbeccably personify the sound that i’m feeling at the moment. The last time this happened was months ago with an old Bart Skils set. Most recently Gel Abril blew my mind. His recent end of the year Beatport chart is just further indication of his unquestionable dopeness. They’re all bombs but some of my faves are below.