Finally found these 2 tracks that have been killin me for awhile now. And it’s no wonder they’re so dope considering they’re from my lovas Pleasurekraft and the papi Beyer. The first is a fave of Capriati, but I heard it played a few times at Time Warp this weekend as well. Press play and relive it! You know you want to…


And also dis one:


Vato Loco

My family is from Mexico and I remember as a child my brother running around fuckin shit up and calling himself “vato loco.”

So I find it both extremely amusing and very gratifying to see one of our paisanos: Hector, move up the techno ranks so swiftly that he now is organizing his own showcases aptly titled: “Vatos Locos”. Which will premier in our homeland at The BPM Festival this January.

In an interview for Vice’s THUMP, Hector describes how he made the connection with his label-boss Loco Dice while working behind the counter at a famed record store in London.

“Luciano and Richie Hawtin, they had always been reserved. A little quiet, which is fine. But Loco Dice, it was fun to interact with him…I remember he came in the shop and I really didn’t know who he was. They told me he was this big DC-10 guy, but I didn’t give him more privilege. I treated him like a normal person.”

He eventually made the leap from selecting records for the big dogs to curating his own cuts. He admits he plays with an element of spontaneity, never preparing his sets ahead of time. Opting instead to freestyle with the confidence that comes from his solid music knowledge honed from experiencing the different scenes in Mexico, the UK,  Berlin, Japan, New York and Chicago.

This summer in Ibiza saw him open for some of the most renowned papis in the game: Marco Carola and Carl Cox. He also played Hyte Park festival in New York and Output twice. He returns to the big apple on November 21st getting behind the decks at Marquee. I can’t help but feel a sense of pride at seeing this vato loco running around fuckin shit up and putting Mexicans on the techno map.

Get it papi!

Check out his mix for THUMP below: