Capriati at Berghain

I’m barely 5 minutes in but I have no doubt in my mind this was an epic mind-bending set for JC. Four days ago he played exclusively vinyl at Berlin’s famous Berghain.

Click dis shit yo:


Your daily earful

There are definitely dry spells when it comes to scouring the interwebs for music, where you can’t seem to find anything exceptional not even from your usual go-to artists. Remarkably I haven’t experienced one in maaaaaaaaad long. I hope none of you will either, at least not if I can help it 😉

Que Tal?

I finally went on another music buying binge.The last time I purchased a bunch of tracks a friend was nice enough to compile them into a continuous mix for me. This time around though, with what i’ve learned so far, I think I can handle the mixing myself >:)

It’s interesting how messing around with the controller has demystified a lot of the elements of “DJing”yet in a really fascinating way. I’ve barely scratched the surface but it seems that the creative possibilities are endless, even for individuals that don’t produce their own music. I truly respect the craft so much more. I see it for its potential…which can be limitless in the able hands of a passionate musical connoisseur with a taste for improvisation.

I’ve managed to become even more enamored with beats than ever before. It’s really exciting!

I’ll hold off on sharing all the tracks I gorged on for now, but here’s a little taste:


Seeing as how I am in the homeland and there are so very few paisa DJs, the set of the day goes to the holmes Betoko. He’s on the deeper side more befitting chill after-hours grooves similar to Sasha who closes out the 2 hour set. Admittedly it’s not a style I usually go for, but sometimes when the mind and body are weary from the more energetic fare, it can be quite soothing. Not to mention perfect background tunes while having epistemological convos on the comedown.

When i’m in a New York state of mind….

Mixmag’s mini-year-end review features a happy little paragraph giving props to New York/BK for providing fertile ground for quality musical experiences at two new game-changing venues.

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 4.47.07 PM

Read the full articles hurr->

Happy Holidays!!

I hope you all are having a magical time with your loved ones. I’ve been a bit too preoccupied to post but i’ll get back on it after the holidays.

That being said it’s my birthday, and I want to express how grateful and truly blessed I am to lead such a full happy life 🙂

In that spirit I share this track:

Take care everyone and be sure to count your blessings.

Gábor Szabó (Gaga)

Gaga is the owner and curator of the Hungarian label Dark Face Recordings. Releases are true to the name: Dark. Yet like most (good) techno that veers into the minimal category, it’s richly complex and razor sharp. He’s a DJ himself and his fierce talent speaks for itself.

This set has teeth. It takes him less than 10 minutes to hit a strong stylish pace. Hook up some quality sound and go for the ride WOO HOOOOOO

He’s also reworked tracks in really interesting ways, check out what he did with my 3rd favorite Marley’s song “Rasta Love” and a track from the solid Florian Gasperini: