thisssss track !!


Fucking amazingggg

There was never any doubt in my mind….

All you gotta do is throw a chill fucking crowd of music whores into a warehouse and fill it with aggressive funky ass beats.
It was blowing my mind that every single artist played like I have neverrrrr heard before, nor knew them capable of.
This was no ordinary night my friends, this was that Otha Otha shit, the shit techno dreams are made of.
I’m so excited for what’s to come for New York! Crooklyn allll day baby


Dubfire debuts his Live:Hybrid show at Time Warp US



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Do you part ya’ll:

A Mini BPM Festival Guide

Be warned, from this point on I will have nothing but BPM on the brain. This will be my 3rd time and I feel more receptive and better prepared to really explore different artists, some that I never even knew existed the previous years. I’ve laughed with my main bitch about the rookie mistakes we’ve made in the past. The first year we skipped Carl Cox, deciding he was “too commercial” and the following year we decided to nap instead of heading over to the last minute announcement of Richie Hawtin and Dubfire’s street gig: Techno Tacos.

But we have learned a few things, some of which i’ll gladly share with those of you lucky enough to make it down to my homeland for what I consider one of the best underground music festivals on the planet.

Whatchu know about that MEDIA wristband? >;)

Whatchu know about that MEDIA wristband? >;)

-The BPM wristband is CRITICAL. Single-day tickets to events do not allow for reentry, and not only are the lines long as hell to get them but they sell out fast as hell and tend to be pricey. (Organizers claim that Mexicans get a discount if they show their ID, I’m going to test this out because the prices for these tickets are inordinately high for locals which I always thought was kind of douchey)

-The first and last weekends are ridiculously crazy, so it’s best to avoid peak crowding hours in the clubs and arrive at 3/4am, that’s usually when the headliners take to the decks anyway.

-Besides, no one in Playa goes out before midnight and if they do they’re guzzling litros at a little hole in the wall; pregaming is no joke for Mexis. Prepare your livers!

-The better parties are during the week. We also never stay at the closing party. For whatever reason it’s just really never that good, maybe because we’re all zombies towards the end…and by then we’d prefer to kick it at a local spot.

-Speaking of local spots, La Santanera was moved from its tiny top floor on Calle 12. to a big ass building on 10th. It has a killer rooftop with lush tropical décor and a perfect view primed for sunrises. The second floor is a dark, enclosed room with padded walls and trippy lights. Last year it wasn’t an official festival venue, so if it’s left out again make it a point to stop by. I’m sure you’ll hear the hoopla from the street and be drawn in anyway.

Me & Mezcal: A love affair

Me & Mezcal: A love affair

-Another one of my favorite spots that is not on the BPM circuit is Mezcalinna. It’s on 12th next to Blue Parrot. The combination of bugged out lighting, delicious varieties of flavored mezcal and bizarre electronic music infuses you with a very peculiar yet energetic drunkenness. I recommend the passion fruit flavor although my peeps hate on my penchant for its sickenly sweet taste.

Fusion Beach Hotel Bar became an official venue last year, hosting Hawtin and others. I was slightly bummed about it, as it was one of the first places I ever went to my first time in playa years ago. I caught a bad ass little band playing all the Latin faves as well as reggae. It’s a cozy little tropical spot with really delicious breakfast (chilaquiles!!) on Calle 6.

Behold: Chilaquiles!

Behold: The chilaquiles at Fusion

-As for BPM’s main venues, Kool Beach and Mamitas are the poppin day spots with Blue Parrot and Coco Maya hosting the bigger nights. But branch out! There are so many other gems that although smaller or further removed from the center are really worth the visit like Canibal Royal and Blue Venado.

-But avoid the crappy EDM spots and tourist garbage (like Mandala and Coco Bongo), you’ll hear the bad music blaring for miles. The rich Mexicans that vacation in playa love stuntin with bottles at these horrible places.



-Remember to pace yourself. It’s 10 days people. If you chug illicit substances, don’t sleep or eat and barely drink water under the hot ass Mexi sun you’ll be a carcass by day 3.

-Keep your eyes and ears open for the super secret parties and after hours. (That’s why it’s important to be friendly!) But even besides the exclusive events, there are all kinds of accessible dope happenings not on the festival roster. Last year we started one night at a chill ass party on the roof of the Red Queen hotel thanks to a tip from some burners. Check out their lobby if you pass by, it’s fucking weird.

A few thoughts on visiting Mexico in general:

  • Mexicans are great people, we’re warm and friendly and unlike virtually every other country in the world, we love foreigners and especially Americans. Be good to us, joke with us, drink with us. (Practice your Spanish, we’ll love it and encourage you!) Don’t come with an attitude and think everything needs to be like it is where you are from. Fuck that, traveling is about embracing the unknown.
  • Mexis aren’t accustomed to tipping as much, but you’re a foreigner and tipping what you normally would in the U.S. is a really big help to those bartenders and waiters that work really hard. You’ll see them scurrying around dripping sweat, making sure you receive quality service.
  • Keep in mind Playa isn’t cheap compared to the rest of the country. Although you can find local spots with amazing food. All you have to do is walk away from la Quinta (5th Ave). And don’t get all uptight about the street food, you’ll be aight.
  • Playa is really safe but keep a close eye on your belongings, pick-pockets snatch cell phones right out of your purse while you’re wearing it and even cigarettes out of your back pocket. Monitor your bank account closely as theft and fraud occurs even from secure-looking ATMs.


    Can’t get any better than beachfront Mayan ruins.

  •  Adventure out of Playa a day or two and check out Tulum, the jungle, cenotes, snorkeling and ruins. The Yucatan is stunning; get the most out of it. I would recommend staying afterwards to venture out of the area even further, there’s so much more to see: Holbox, Merida, Palenque, San Cristobal. If we meet at the festival you’re welcome to join me and my squad on our post-BPM adventures.
  • As far as dating is concerned, Mexis (and Latinos in general) perpetuate traditional gender roles. So gringos should expect to come out the pocket and get that sexy hip-shaking mami a drink.

Those of you that have to stay and suffer through the frigid winter can catch all the events on They stream them every year.

Check out my BPM articles, including an interview with the super chill Drumcode boss Adam Beyer right hurr–> BPM 2014, Beyer Interview, BPM 2013

I can’t wait to party with you all and my favorite fucking DJs in paradise.


Sets on sets on sets.

Figured I’d line up some beats for you all to enjoy this week with friends and family.

Mirko Flower

This baby set off an early morning dance party this weekend, so obviously it ain’t for chillin…es pa’ rumbear wepaaaaa! I really like Mirko, i’ll continue scouting the interwebs for his sets and share them as I find them.

Paco Osuna

I love Paco. I’ve heard of an errant performance here and there, but I feel he pursues perfection in his craft. There is such a tightness to his flow. He’s got a techy groove with edge that’s infectiously danceable. That being said, it has been awhile since I’ve heard a really good set of his (although in all fairness he doesn’t release many). The one below is for Club4 Barcelona’s radio show, a venue started in 2006 by Paco himself as well as Adam Beyer, Marco Carola and Christian Smith. Their Thursday night parties are legendary. This month alone they will welcome Chris Lieibing, Gaiser and Len Faki. This set is solid Paco although he doesn’t truly stretch and bring the cocky playfulness I’ve been used to hearing from him. He is an incremental builder so expect an ass-shaking crescendo midway through.


Âme’s set from Output the night of EZoo has finally emerged from the ether. They mercifully include a full 5 hours allowing one to ride out the cascading waves of their eclectically informed creativity; from smoky soundscapes to effortlessly ethereal ambiance. They blend soothing and beautiful interludes, punchy kicks and creamy vocals. This is one for the mind and soul more than the body.


B1SyW95IAAEQuG1Sankeys has closed after merely 3 weeks in Brooklyn. After what I heard was an unsuccessful launch during Halloween, it seems they are ready to finally pack it up. Owner David Vincent, in a lengthy blame-spewing statement, said franchise partners failed to provide sufficient support. Read the details over at RA.

It’s a shame they had to cancel their upcoming Magna Carta shows, I would’ve loved to see East End Dubs…

Matt Sassari


Sassari will be making his U.S. debut very soon, in CROOKLYN of all places. Where else would he find a “secret” grimey warehouse to roll out his dark nasty beats? BK AAAAALL DAY BABY. At barely 22 years old, this Frenchie has already produced a formidable body of work for myriad labels including Deeperfect, SCI+TEC, Tronic, Great Stuff, Unity and Toolroom Knights. He’s remixed tracks by Paride Saraceni, Chus & Ceballos and D-Unity infusing each with idiosyncratic intrigue. He’s bold; at times bordering on menacing. But this intensity is definitely welcome in a genre that at times can sound homogenous.

I recommend stopping over at his soundcloud and seeing what draws you in, there’s plenty to choose from. Make sure to catch him on December 13th at that crazy secret warehouse we talked about… Tickets

Something ’bout your body, got me thinking ’bout nobody…BUT YOU


I first started clubbing 9 years ago in Miami. Naïve and underage, I encountered house music for the first time. I had no conception of what in the hell it was, not even what it was called… just that I liked it. And that it frequently caused my friend to go completely ape shit: jumping around wildly swinging her hair in the little room you cross through to get to the main area in Mansion (obviously she got heavily into rolls pretty early and frequently spoke to random taxi drivers at length about her favorite “pictures”). Eventually I found my way to Club Space and the freedom of its darkness. The rest is music-whoring history.

In honor of that fateful time in my life I give you this throwback track. It was one of the most ubiquitous songs of the time that I really loved, and thus stands as the first house track I ever knew: Tom Novy’s “Your Body”

Mirko Flower

I don’t like being premature with my musical recommendations, but this is one I know is going to pan out reeeeeally well.

Mirko Fiore is Italian, and that’s pretty much all there is to know as his bio isn’t particularly descriptive. I only just started listening to a full set but his productions are fantastic. They are also remarkably contrastive while maintaining that tightness of robust bassline.

Check him out below: