Which BORIS?!!!

Reading the initial lineup for The BPM Festival was of course everything I hoped it would be, except for one name that is causing me a lot of vexation: BORIS.

10355022_10154699321570417_4098393133921156393_n (2)A friend in Berlin sent me a message highly recommending “Boris” saying he is in his top 3. Confused and incredulous, as this person has great taste, I asked him if he did really mean New York Boris who has become a pseudo king of the guidos for playing easily digestible techno in every Jersey-shore style venue throughout the tristate area. Now I can’t hate on the guy he’s been around foreverrr and made a name for himself. But it’s bad enough we have Chus & Ceballos on the lineup whom, do not get me wrong, are fabulous, but their presence alone markedly increases the chance of Playa del Carmen being overrun with unpleasant people. The ones that elbow and shove, have short fuses and are generally obnoxious, image-conscious, entitled and wholly unappreciative of the subtleties of good music. Working at a nightclub that had both C & C and Boris on the roster, I saw firsthand how impatient and crude the audience’s tastes are and how they revel in getting disgustingly hammered. I really do not want to see Playa become a destination for these people, complete with the typical guido dance-off circles that annoy everyone and take up prime dance floor space. Nobody wants to see your sweaty seizure-like hopping, chill the fuck out.

I hate sounding like a hipster because I truly believe music is inclusive and democratic; but there’s a certain attitude of openness, courtesy and appreciation that comes with truly being present in an experience and with the people around you. Unfortunately certain individuals just haven’t quite cultivated it yet.

BUT there is hope! My friend clarified that he means the Berlin-based Boris, i.e.this guy–> https://soundcloud.com/boris

So there is a chance that New York Boris will be keeping his ass stateside along with his cadre of followers. Cross your fingers folks, or you’ll find yourself being smacked in the face by the roving leg of a terrible breakdancer who cleared the area to showcase his awful gyrating.


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