Which BORIS?!!!

Reading the initial lineup for The BPM Festival was of course everything I hoped it would be, except for one name that is causing me a lot of vexation: BORIS.

10355022_10154699321570417_4098393133921156393_n (2)A friend in Berlin sent me a message highly recommending “Boris” saying he is in his top 3. Confused and incredulous, as this person has great taste, I asked him if he did really mean New York Boris who has become a pseudo king of the guidos for playing easily digestible techno in every Jersey-shore style venue throughout the tristate area. Now I can’t hate on the guy he’s been around foreverrr and made a name for himself. But it’s bad enough we have Chus & Ceballos on the lineup whom, do not get me wrong, are fabulous, but their presence alone markedly increases the chance of Playa del Carmen being overrun with unpleasant people. The ones that elbow and shove, have short fuses and are generally obnoxious, image-conscious, entitled and wholly unappreciative of the subtleties of good music. Working at a nightclub that had both C & C and Boris on the roster, I saw firsthand how impatient and crude the audience’s tastes are and how they revel in getting disgustingly hammered. I really do not want to see Playa become a destination for these people, complete with the typical guido dance-off circles that annoy everyone and take up prime dance floor space. Nobody wants to see your sweaty seizure-like hopping, chill the fuck out.

I hate sounding like a hipster because I truly believe music is inclusive and democratic; but there’s a certain attitude of openness, courtesy and appreciation that comes with truly being present in an experience and with the people around you. Unfortunately certain individuals just haven’t quite cultivated it yet.

BUT there is hope! My friend clarified that he means the Berlin-based Boris, i.e.this guy–> https://soundcloud.com/boris

So there is a chance that New York Boris will be keeping his ass stateside along with his cadre of followers. Cross your fingers folks, or you’ll find yourself being smacked in the face by the roving leg of a terrible breakdancer who cleared the area to showcase his awful gyrating.


Vato Loco

My family is from Mexico and I remember as a child my brother running around fuckin shit up and calling himself “vato loco.”

So I find it both extremely amusing and very gratifying to see one of our paisanos: Hector, move up the techno ranks so swiftly that he now is organizing his own showcases aptly titled: “Vatos Locos”. Which will premier in our homeland at The BPM Festival this January.

In an interview for Vice’s THUMP, Hector describes how he made the connection with his label-boss Loco Dice while working behind the counter at a famed record store in London.

“Luciano and Richie Hawtin, they had always been reserved. A little quiet, which is fine. But Loco Dice, it was fun to interact with him…I remember he came in the shop and I really didn’t know who he was. They told me he was this big DC-10 guy, but I didn’t give him more privilege. I treated him like a normal person.”

He eventually made the leap from selecting records for the big dogs to curating his own cuts. He admits he plays with an element of spontaneity, never preparing his sets ahead of time. Opting instead to freestyle with the confidence that comes from his solid music knowledge honed from experiencing the different scenes in Mexico, the UK,  Berlin, Japan, New York and Chicago.

This summer in Ibiza saw him open for some of the most renowned papis in the game: Marco Carola and Carl Cox. He also played Hyte Park festival in New York and Output twice. He returns to the big apple on November 21st getting behind the decks at Marquee. I can’t help but feel a sense of pride at seeing this vato loco running around fuckin shit up and putting Mexicans on the techno map.

Get it papi!

Check out his mix for THUMP below:

Set of the Day Ya’ll

This set had me trippin out on the ride up to Brooklyn the other day. It’s so crisp and intricate, making it one of the most interesting pieces i’ve heard in a long ass time. The start is clean and simple but after 15 minutes he goes into beast mode, interspersing eerie interludes before dropping in killer beats that are endlessly layered and incredibly dirty. The riff at around 25 minutes is one of my favorites. But make sure your sound system is up to par or you’ll lose a lot of the provocative details.

I’m quickly becoming obsessed with Florian, and reveling in the direction my tastes have taken as of late, I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

The BPM Festival next wave of tickets

The next wave of tickets for the amazing event on the beaches of Mexico go on sale Thursday at noon people. Click the link and get yours–> http://bpm.wantickets.com/Events/163017/THE-BPM-FESTIVAL-2015/

Correction: The sale has been postponed until Monday November 3rd at 3pm

Florian Gasperini

Today’s tight grooves are brought to you by the French-born, Barcelona resident Florian Gasperini. These tracks are executed with precision and infused with an energetic simplicity that is totally unique. Definitely loving his sound, his uploads page is like fucking Christmas.

Mister Sunday


My dopest of she-friends has been trying to bring me to the chill Brooklyn vibes hosted at the Industry City courtyard every Sunday in the summer. Last night was the farewell party for the fall/winter season, as the outdoor setting adjacent to the Sunset Park waterfront isn’t ideal in frigid temperatures. Although there is talk that the Sunday party will find an indoor venue (there is already an indoor Saturday night party in NY as well as events abroad in the UK, Berlin, Paris and even Sydney) I finally made it out and although I regret missing it all summer I’m happy I was able to experience the final party.


The DJ had copious crates filled with records lined up behind him, and used them in unexpected ways.

The DJ booth, bar and dance floor are open to the elements sandwiched between tall warehouses with only criss-crossing strings of lights and trees as decorations. From 3pm to 9pm the floor was filled with gyrating bodies loving the funky beats coming from the DJ’s all vinyl offerings. He played everything from soulful disco, to deep house to cumbia. There is a strict no phone on the dancefloor rule which I have been told is vehemently enforced.

By far the most amazing thing about Mister Sunday is the convivial atmosphere. Everyone there displayed such jubilant attitudes and danced without pretensions. It is the perfect place to unwind after going hard as mothafucka all weekend.

The outdoor summer season will launch again June.

Cielo NYC’s Israeli Takeover

I can never resist the meatpacking district’s tiny funktion one den: Cielo, especially when it’s free and I have a reasonable degree of confidence the music will be on point.

1658267_10152448278852634_2245710325489704741_oUnfortunately from around midnight to almost 2am one of the openers, Nathan Kersaint, was so stale and generic I almost didn’t stay long enough to hear some real beats. That’s pretty harsh I know, but the guy even looked like he was boring himself, along with the entire room. He had no sound of his own: his repertoire consisting of crusty ass tracks that have been played to death. There was no flow to it, no coherence. He would play a typical Desolat track one minute then Rafa Barrios the next. There was no overarching unity in sound or style. Moreover, track after track rolled out unchanged. Quite unimpressive.

But Shahar redeemed the poor guy with such an elegant showcase of versatility. There’s a very distinct maturation that took place, at least since his set at Hyte Park. He was so driving in typical tech fashion but there were some incredibly artful moments. Even subtle infusions of acid house and what I felt was the signature pounding “thud” of progressive trance layered with trippy ass echoes and the like. Quite impressive.  Give the guy a few more years and he will be absolutely BRUTAL on the decks.